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Roxanne Solaris, born 507 BCE in Colchis on the Black Sea. Transported unexpectedly to the here and now. Former cook to the House of Medea and Jason and au pair to their sons, now Protectress of the House of Questions.
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Agape – Unconditional Love. That's right! As far as I understan' it that’s lovin’ someone, friend or foe, 'cause they’re human just like us. Agape love don’t mean agreein’ with ‘em – it isn’t sentimental or ‘bout backslappin’ or hugs. But Agape love do mean that we don’t see destroyin’ the other as an option ‘cause Agape puts community first – it assumes the other might have needs we hadn’t considered. The more we practice Agape love, the more likely we can understand each other 'n stand by the meanin' of democracy ‘n how we can practice it together. That’s how I understand it.


Aristotle – A great Ancient Greek philosopher who studied with Plato 'n made a science of observation of the physical world 'n human behavior. He was a tutor to Alexander the Great 'n taught about the natural sciences, logic, ethics, politics, 'n the theatre among many things. Aristotle thought that theatre allowed us to purge ourselves from doin’ bad things cause it showed the negative results of bad choices 'n led to a catharsis in that we were released from makin’ such mistakes. He loved to make categories for things and started the whole trend of humankind seein’ the world from the point of view of not this but that, ‘n gettin’ us hung up on differences.


Athena – Goddess, daughter of Zeus and Metis, a nymph, whom Zeus swallowed when he learned that Metis would give birth to a god greater than himself once she gave birth to Athena. The only way out for Athena was through her father’s thick skull. She rules over wisdom, justice, warfare, crafts, 'n is a patron of Athens. She’s usually seen wearin’ a helmet 'n sportin’ a spear 'n shield, 'n is symbolized by the owl, the spider 'n the olive tree. Celebrated every year in Athens at their major festival, the Panathenaea. Now what major festival do you all have today to honor a female deity?


BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation that does these great shows where everyone keeps calm and carries on no matter what.


BCE – Before Common Era – basically anythin’ before the year 0 which was to mark the year of the birth of the demi-god Jesus.

Bouzouki – A Greekish long necked lute, which was popular in ancient times when we called it pandoura 'n still is, 'n which I liked to play when I sang songs to the boys. Bless their sweet innocent souls!

Corinth, Greece – Last home of Jason and Medea. One of the wealthiest cities in ancient Greece, with tons of people – around 90,000 in fact. The market was always buzzin’ where I would meet the most darned interestin’ people. Corinth had this temple to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, employin’ some thousan' or so temple prostitutes (hetaerae) ‘cause of the rich merchants and people in power. It was that kind of town. I believe you all had towns like that in the old days in the West?


Demeter – Goddess of fertility, harvest and agriculture and sister of Zeus, who impregnated Demeter resultin' in the birth of her daughter Persephone who was kidapped by another brother, Hades, god of the underworld, who wanted Persephone as his wife. My my my, those gods never let the female deities have a rest! Well, Demeter had enough 'n went on strike 'n there was global famine till Zeus made Hades release Persephone – but, 'cause she had eaten food from the Underworld (wonder what that would be?) Persephone had to remain in Hades six months out of the year 'n 'course that’s why we have the seasons, with Demeter mourning for her daughter half of the year.


Dionysos - A demi-god - part god, part mortal - 'n one of Zeus’ many children, fathered with the Princess Semele of Thebes. Hera, Zeus’ jealous wife, had Semele ask Zeus to appear in his full glory and of course Semele was immediately burned to a crisp by the sight, so Dionysos had to be birthed from Zeus’ thigh. Ain't that a marvel! Dionysos occupies himself with harvestin’ of grapes, winemakin’, fruits ‘n vegetables, fertility, intoxication, religious ecstacy, possession, madness, ritual celebrations, ‘n the theatre, which he presided over. Dionysos is not to be trifled with. He can make you crazy if you ignore him by pretendin’ that you are fully rational at all times, which is a sure sign of madness. He carries a thyrsus, a fennel staff with a pinecone on the top ‘n often a crown of grapes 'n is either ridin’ a panther or wearin’ a panther skin.


Gaia – Protector of the Earth. Mother of all life. Now Gaia made the sky, mountain, and seas without any help. It's true. 'n that was before Zeus came along. She gave birth to many of the early gods ‘n she also helped raise Zeus. She made the Earth as we have known it ‘n are in danger of losin’. Gaia needs our help!


Hades – God of the Underworld and brother to Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Poseiden 'n Hestia. Husband of the poor unwillin’ Persephone half the year. He’s accompanied by his faithful 'n vicious three headed dog Cerberus, that has a serpent for a tail 'n snakes emanatin’ from all over his body, who keeps the dead from escapin’ the Underworld. Now that is scary! Not much is known 'bout Hades ‘xcept he can make himself invisible.

Hermes – The god of communication, travel, messages, thoughts that travel like lightnin’ through the air. You can recognize him by the wings on his hat 'n heels of his shoes 'n on the top of his wand (caduceus) with two snakes intertwined around the wand – symbolizing the quick movement of serpents just as Hermes moves real quick.


Hubris – Treatin’ folks with disdain to make oneself feel superior; an act that was looked down upon in ancient times, ‘n one could be fined or even sent into exile for such behavior.


Jason – Leader of the Argonauts, a band of pirate like heroes lookin’ to steal the Golden Fleece. Son of a king, Jason’s uncle stole the kingdom and killed his father. In exile, Jason was tutored by the great wise Centaur but it don't seem to have helped. Later he met Medea when he arrived in Colchis to steal the Golden Fleece and Medea, smitten by this guy, helped him solve the riddles in order to get that golden ram-rug so he could go back to Iolchus and claim his throne, which Medea helped him do. But, the wannabe hero lost it all and off they had to run with their two sons to Corinth. There Jason dumped Medea, after all she’d done for him, so he could marry the princess. Then Medea, a demi-goddess and granddaughter of the Sun,––'n we know that you should never cross a demi-god or goddess––took matters into her own hands and destroyed Jason’s dreams of power, includin' his princess bride and children. Last seen exiled from Corinth and killed, at sea, by the fallin’ mast of his own ship.

Libertas – Now Libertas is a Roman goddess – Romans havin’ their own goddesses as well. She’s related to the Greek goddess Eleutheria, goddess of Liberty. In Rome, Libertas presided over the end of the monarchy, the establishment of a Republic, and in rituals where a slave was given freedom from servitude. Durin’ the American and French Revolutions Libertas became a popular symbol against tyranny, 'xcept where slaves were concerned. 'n at the 100 year celebration of American Independence (1876) the French gifted the US with the Statue of Liberty. 'n she is still goin’ pretty strong though she's startin' to look tarnished in places.


Medea – Demi-goddess, grand-daughter of the Sun and Princess of Colchis, she fell in love with that no-good Jason and helped him get the Golden Fleece. Eventually, Jason betrayed her and their two young sons, by marryin’ into the royal family of Corinth, leavin’ them to the mercy of the King of Corinth Creon. Medea, knowin’ that she couldn’t trust the court of Creon to truly take care of her boys, should Jason have sons by Princess Creusa, she sent them on a premature trip to Hades, destroyed the House of Corinth, and married the King of Athens, Aegeus and had a son with him. But I hear that aint goin’ so well since Aegeus’ long lost son from a previous marriage, Theseus, has returned unexpectedly. But Medea knows how to take care of herself.


Odyssey by Homer – A long story of Odysseus, a Greek hero, ‘n his twenty years of wanderin’ at sea, after winnin’ the war 'gainst Troy, pushed off course by Poseiden who was angry with him for various reasons. Athena has the starrin' role when it comes to deities in the story as the patron goddess of Odysseus and his family, getting Odysseus and his son Telemachus out of many a misadventure and ultimately bringin’ Odysseus home to Ithaca, Greece. Praise be Athena!!


Pagan – Those who believe in religions with more than one god – especially in religions that are not considered one of the world’s main religions. Used to be a derogatory word implyin’ beliefs that were replaced by greater truths, but we can see where that has led the world to?


Peitho – The Goddess of Persuasion and Rhetoric, linked to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who may have been her mother and also said to be the wife of Hermes. She is a symbol of civic harmony and democracy, relyin’ on gentle persuasion rather than brute force.


Plato – Student of Socrates, who liked to ask questions that poked holes in people’s way of thinkin’. Socrates got into trouble for that and had to drink the poisoned Hemlock, accused of corruptin’ the youth of Athens. Plato wrote a lot of books ‘bout Socrates’ way of thinkin’ by askin’ questions. It’s my personal opinion that he had Socrates say things in his books that Plato was thinkin’ but didn’t dare to say since if he did he’d also have to take the Hemlock, but since Socrates was already dead, no harm done. Plato didn’t trust politicians after what happened to Socrates ‘n thought the best government should be run by Philosopher-Kings. He also had Socrates ask if the Olympian gods weren’t just men behavin’ badly and thought that there should be one perfect god who everyone followed instead – which had a heap of influence on the next spate of religions who all believed in one perfect he-god who we should all worship. He also thought that theatre should be banned ‘cause it showed people behavin’ badly 'n so was a bad influence.


Pythia Adelphi - a psychic in a long line of psychics who transported me, Roxy Solaris, and my fellow folks in servitude, Al, the tutor to the children of Medea, and Vlad, man-servant to Jason, from 4th century BCE to the 21st century.


Service industries – a modern form of enslavement, where people work all sorts of hours in order to make sure that the world continues to function for the rich ‘n powerful.

Zeus – Chief of the Gods 'n god of sky ‘n weather (lightin, thunder, rain, ‘n wind), of law, ‘n fate. Protector of all, long as you honor him. He fought 'n won the war against the Titans 'n established the pantheon of new gods on Mount Olympus. A sturdy figure with beard 'n often aimin‘ a thunderbolt 'n graced by an eagle (a good omen). He has had as many as six wives of which Hera was the last 'n most prominent. Zeus was known to disguise himself as an animal, includin‘ a bull, swan, or cuckoo bird in order to surprise innocent women, both mortals 'n goddesses, so he could take advantage of them, 'n so he had a ton of offspring, includin' such notables as Apollo, Athena, Dionysos, Artemis, Aphrodite, Persephone, Ares, Helen of Troy, etc., etc., etc….

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