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Deborah Latz and Helen E. Richardson have been creating stories for our time, engaging in interdisciplinary media and technologies for many years. In 2020, they helped form an international ensemble, Walk-on-Air Productions. In 2021 Walk on Air productions was invited by the National Theatre of Greece to stream a music-theatre piece Medea Redux––created through the collaboration of several artists from S. Korea to Greece to New York –– as part of an online festival. The Medea Redux project included a radio show featuring the character Betty, the cook and governess to the House of Medea and Jason, of ancient Greek fame. Betty offered, as authored by Richardson and played by Latz, pointed, pragmatic, and humorous insights into our 21st century realities, reflecting her fifth century BCE perspective. Subsequently, as the character of Betty evolved, Richardson and Latz launched a collaboration in which Betty morphed into Roxy Solaris. Roxy, the alter ego of Betty, having her roots in ancient Greece, “the seat of democracy,” hosts a radio program which offers unexpected insights into contemporary issues particularly as it relates to the US notion of democracy and liberty and how these are practiced.

The Roxie Solaris Show

The ‘Roxie Solaris Show’, a radio talk show,

featuring the 5th century BCE Roxie Solaris offering her down-to-earth perspective on how our current brand of democracy and notions of freedom impact our current approach to nature and climate change, bringing a fresh yet ancient voice to the air waves.

Credits: story, concept, direction, Helen E. Richardson; performance and audio production, Deborah Latz

Medea Theme

The Chorus cautions the viewer against defying Medea.
Credits: story and visual concept, direction, Helen E. Richardson; 

composition, lyrics, vocals, Deborah Latz; music production, Andy Mason and Deborah Latz;

video production, Adrian D. Cameron

Betty's Story

Betty recounts her life changing encounter with the 'Guardian'.
Credits: visual concept, text, direction, Helen E. Richardson; 

performance, Deborah Latz; sound production, Andy Mason and Deborah Latz; 

video production, Adrian D. Cameron


While acting out the roles of Medea and Jason, Mariika and Jason’s manservant, Vlad, reach back to the love that brought Medea and Jason together.
Credits: story concept, direction, Helen E. Richardson;

 composition, lyrics, vocals, Deborah Latz;  music production, Andy Mason and Deborah Latz; 

media concept and video production, Inkyoung Bae

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